A wide range of training courses

SAFE TRAIN - Wachtebeke - TrainingIn order to meet the legal provisions, companies must organise annual exercises and training courses. Safe-Train informs your personnel on the lines of conduct in case of fire.
Training courses can be provided at the customer's premises on request. You thus avoid transport expenses and the professional activities are only interrupted for a short while.
  • Our training range:
  • Basic course small extinguishers
  • First intervention team
  • Second intervention
  • Intervention leader.
  • Evacuation techniques.
  • Evacuation exercises in co-operation with the local fire brigade (or not).
  • First aid
  • Industrial first aider.
  • Breathing protection.
  • Safety at home and in the kitchen.

Since 2001 Safe-Train has been providing courses and advanced training in the fire safety sector.

Safe-Train employs freelance instructors, who all are active in the fire fighting sector. The instructors are all carefully selected and have a broad expertise and diverse language knowledge This enables Safe-Train to organise training courses in the three national languages and in English.
Safe-Train has 2 mobile fire extinguishing units. That enables us to provide the training at the customer's premises, which has the benefit travel is not necessary.

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