Prepare a water-tight emergency plan

SAFE TRAIN - Wachtebeke - emergency planThe Royal Decree for wellbeing policy prescribes that every employer must draw up an internal emergency plan for the protection of the employees. Safe-Train helps you with the creation of such an emergency plan. An internal emergency plan prepares you for undesired events and enables you to take accurate action to resolve problems.

Evacuation plan
Safe-Train assists you in the creation of an evacuation plan.
The protocol defines:

  • When and how evacuation must occur.
  • Which signal to give as an evacuation alert.
  • The route to be followed in order to leave the building quickly and safely.
  • Who is responsible for which tasks
  • Who is in charge and responsible.
  • Which steps to follow in case of evacuation.

Intervention plan
Safe-Train provides an intervention plan deducted from the internal emergency plan. The intervention plan includes all necessary information for the external emergency services.

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